We are a third generation producing, packing and trading  
company in root and open field vegetables. We are currently the
largest producer of carrots, iceberg and cabbage in Southeast
Europe. Our packing fasilities are covered by HACCP and ISO
22000 certification and we have exclusive cooperation with  
farmer groups and coops in the area. All our products are
GLOBAL G.A.P. certified.
Our list of products includes carrots, potatoes, onions,
cauliflower, cabbage, pointed cabbage, Chinese cabbage,
broccoli, iceberg lettuce,  radicchio rosso, little gem,endives,
celery, romaine lettuce and continental salads.
We are in close cooperation with companies abroad, so that we
can cover our customers needs through out the year, by
importing goods when the weather conditions don't allow us to
grow or harvest our own.
Our customers in Greece include all the major international
Supermarket chains,the large Greek Supermarket chains and
wholesalers around the country.
We export to UK., the Balkan countries , Cyprus, the Check
Republic, Slovakia, the Baltic States, Russia and the Netherlands.
Our aim is high quality and swift deliveries to reduce the time
taken between the farm and the consumer, so that goods are as
fresh as possible.
We also try to keep costs down, by using the latest technology
on the field and in the packaging house, so that we can offer the
best possible prices with out compromising on quality.
We currently have experimental fields on which we grow baby
leaf and kale.
Another very important section of our company specialises in the
import  and supply of fruit and veg, as well as, well as exotics and
herbs from all over the world.
We are confident  that we can cover any of your needs through
out the year in fresh fruit ,vegetables,exotics and herbs.
LALANITIS S.A. , KASTELA , EVIA , TK : 34400 , GREECE . TEL : 0030 22280 24330 . FAX : 0030 22280 24331 . EMAIL :